Throwing up your website or logo in a FB group and asking for feedback is rarely a good idea.

Most ‘reveiwers’ (even with good intentions) forget design is subjective and it is the ideal client’s taste that is paramount.

The audit provides a thorough video report, where I will review and discuss your current website.

The report will talk step by step through your site and offer solutions to improve your current brand and website.

The important question is – will my ideal clients resonate with it?

Even MORE important is – can my clients use it effectively? Can they navigate easily? Can they read the text? Can they find what they are looking for easily? Are your clients leaving your site before purchasing or signing up?

As a business owner you know you have SECONDS to convince a client not to leave your site. 

Not only do the images and layout need to draw the client’s attention – but is your site even loading in that amount of time? If a person is prepared to wait three seconds for a website to load and yours is taking five seconds – that’s lost business! Oops. 

Don’t Go Alone!

Bring a friend!

I know, even as a designer, the amount of time I’ve spent tweaking and fiddling with my website. But without a real (professional) pair of second eyes to help, I was just going on my subjective opinion. 

Perhaps hiring a professional developer and designer to come and restructure your website is a little out of your budget at the moment. Or maybe you ARE a designer, and you need someone to give your some advice on the technical side of your website – or just a second opinion so you stop second guessing yourself. 

How to plan self-care into your schedule in 2018

Let me help end the constant cycle of tweaking, frowning and tinkering. 

I will go through your site and thoroughly audit it, creating a video as I go, pointing out all the things you need a great job with (and maybe a few things that could use a brush up). Finally I will produce a report with actionable steps you can take to level up your brand + website to make sure your clients are having their socks sufficiently blown off. 

The Process

What does the audit focus on?

Here’s what the process looks like

We start with a little client homework. After booking the service, I’ll send you a questionnaire about your business goals, who your ideal customer is, products and services, and your client journey. This will let me understand if your website is really helping you achieve your goals and what we can do to improve it. 

Then I’ll hunt through your website with a fine tooth comb. The main areas I will be looking at are the following;

  • Branding 
  • Content & Copy 
  • Homepage Flow & Design 
  • Subsequent Pages
  • Contact Forms 
  • Footer 
  • Accessability 

Accessability can sometimes be an afterthought, but it is important to make sure that your website is accessible to those with disabilities. You don’t want to end up like Beyonce! 

  • Links 
  • Media 
  • Mobile Responsive 

I will perform the same tests as I do for website Quality Assurance, testing your site across all types of mobile devices (different iPhones, Android, Samsung) and across different tablet and desktop sizes. Plus checking your website works across all browsers; Google, Safari, Firefox etc.

  • Compliant Cookies and Privacy Policies
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Speed
  • And then I’ll go drink a lot of coffee!

After caffeine has been consumed, I will send you the video of the audit, as well as the report. I’ll provide you step by step suggestions for rectifying any issues, highlighting the most urgent (security issues or compliance issues for example).


  • You are confident in your target audience, but conversions seem to be low. 
  • If you feel like the actual visual look of your website isn’t quite right, but aren’t sure how to improve it. 
  • You are committed to making sure your website is accessible for everyone. 
  • You know SEO is important to your website strategy but aren’t sure if it’s performing. 
  • You’re ready to invest into taking your website and brand to the next level. 



Please fill in the form below to book your website audit and I will be in touch to arrange a time for your audit!