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Creative and Coffee

OG Creative and Coffee Logo
Creative and Coffee circa 2015

This was the very first brand iteration of Creative and Coffee back in 2015. The colour palette was very of the time, in terms of its pastels and highly decorative logo. It had a very soft, welcoming tone. However, as the years went on, it needed to grow up a little bit and get more serious!

Around two years ago, the new branding was launched. Re-branding is always a difficult decision, the whole point of branding is to help maintain consistency after all! However, that definitely doesn’t mean it should NEVER be done. For Creative and Coffee it was time, the business had changed a lot in the last three years and was deserving of something a little more professional.

We moved to a more simplistic type logo and added some very chic illustrations, giving a more haute couture vibe.

Creative and Coffee Logo

Emily Rose Needleworks

Emily Rose Needleworks

A fun design project for a business offering vintage bunting and custom made clothes. Emily wanted to keep the vintage vibe but inject a bit of modernism, which we did by using a colour palette inspired by the Pantone colours of year Serenity and Rose Quartz. However, wanting to keep it grounded, I opted for a dark blue to really catch the eye and create that solid feeling of dependability.

Out of Time Podcast

Graphic Design Work Out of Time Podcast

Podcast branding, copy and website for the ‘Out of Time’ Podcast. A soon to be launched podcast talking about the eccentric creatives that stood out from their time.

“Out of Time is a podcast about creative people so extraordinary, interesting and surreal that they feel out of their time. 

We talk about amazing people from history, their lives and what made them stand out in time. What can we learn from learn from the personalities of the past that we can apply today?”

Like it’s subjects, the branding needed to stand out and be completely original. I think it is certainly very eye catching!


Majime, purveyors of trinkets, clothes and catering to all your bacchanalia requirements.

A brand seeking to align itself with the dark academia aesthetic of boarding schools, dusty libraries and Latin speaking secret circles. I took from lots of classic and mythology imagery to create the templates for the Majime Instagram (@majime_london).

Brain Mill Press (Book Covers)

Book Cover Design for Brain Mill Press

The Mineral Point Poetry Series is edited by Kiki Petrosino (author of Hymn for the Black Terrific and Fort Red Border). The theme for submissions was ‘love poems’.

The design brief required a modern but abstract design, which differentiated itself from contemporary styled books. Particular thought was given to the repeating elements which would be used across the series.

The photo elements were provided to me by the client. The photos were winners from a contest that the publishers had run.

I was provided the first image to use to design the cover elements with and given the subsequent pictures at a later date, in order to determine the palette for the remaining three covers.

Book Cover Design Project Poetry
Book Cover Design Portfolio Tanka and Me