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Creative and Coffee is for creators who feel constrained, disconnected from their souls and are looking to create something that is genuinely their own.

A life they are proud of.

Creative and Coffee is here to help provide direction. To help you pick a single idea from the maelstrom of possibilities creators are trying to pursue.

To help you find ‘the one’ business idea for you, to develop it, nurture it and find a loving home for it in the online space.

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  • Why Should You Have a Coming Soon Page?

    If you have been with Creative and Coffee from the very beginning (ie you are a totally awesome person 😉 ) then you might remember the landing page that Creative and Coffee had for about two weeks before this website launched. For a relatively unknown entity at the time, I got quite a few subscribers through that…
  • An Introduction to CSS For Bloggers

    How to Customize a WordPress Theme: An Intro to CSS [su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]A[/su_dropcap] s many of you know, I am a WordPress girl through and through. It may because I like the freedom to do exactly what I want with my site, or it may be because I like a challenge. In the last post of the…
  • How To Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Blog

    Choosing a Theme for your WordPress site can be both super exciting and very daunting. However, as the backbone of your website, it is something that is very much worth taking time to choose properly. For those right at the beginning of their journey, I’ll just quickly explain what is WordPress theme actually is.  Essentially a…
  • What Is Branding and Why Is It So Important?

    Last week we announced that we would be creating a series of blog posts on how to create a solid foundation for your blog. The idea behind this was to give new bloggers a strategic path to follow to consistently and professionally grow their blogs over time, rather than just implementing day to day strategies…
  • Interview With Subscription Box Entrepreneur: Surprise Box Club

    At Creative & Coffee we have covered a lot of the technical aspects of running your small business over the last couple of weeks. Whilst getting advice on the mechanics of running your business is fantastic, I also find it useful to learn about the journeys of small business owners. Not only is it interesting…