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Creative and Coffee is for creators who feel constrained, disconnected from their souls and are looking to create something that is genuinely their own.

A life they are proud of.

Creative and Coffee is here to help provide direction. To help you pick a single idea from the maelstrom of possibilities creators are trying to pursue.

To help you find ‘the one’ business idea for you, to develop it, nurture it and find a loving home for it in the online space.

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    I’m very excited to welcome a fabulous girl boss to the blog today; Trena Little. I took her free, email course on starting a YouTube channel a little while ago and it was super useful, so I defiantly recommend that as a resource if you are thinking of starting your own channel. But, I know…
  • How To Write An About Page For Your Blog

    This week, among ten thousand other things, I decided that I wanted to re-write my About page. Because I felt that I didn’t have enough to so already, clearly. So, me being me, my first step was a profound amount of research. Whilst I definitely think checking out other people’s advice is a sensible thing…
  • The Importance Of Colour Psychology In Business

    How to Choose Your Brand Colours We’ve talked at length, previously, about what branding is and how it encapsulates the feel of your brand. We also talked about how your brand is not one, single element but the sum of your visuals, your content and your values. However, with that been said, a key element…
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    How To Start Your Own Shop: Part One   So in the introductory post to this series we talked about defining your intention and how to create your business plan. We talked a little bit about writing about who your ideal audience is, however if you are just starting or you haven’t really got your…
  • How To Create a Business Plan for Creatives

    Welcome to the start of this new series friends! As with everything on Creative and Coffee, I want the series to be super actionable so you can follow along and apply all these steps to your own business. Before we start, much like our MailChimp tutorial, this post comes with a safety warning. Caffeine is…