The Best Hashtags For Small Business

How To Use Hashtags For Small Businesses

I think we can all agree that I totally love Instagram. It’s not only my favorite platform to scroll through but it brings in the largest amount of traffic to my blog than any other source.

So I get sad when I see people struggling to make Instagram work for them, or listening to people giving terrible Instagram advice and thinking that Instagram just doesn’t work for business. Like all things, there’s a knack to it, which is why I wrote down everything I know about getting insanely good engagement on Instagram and put it in a book for you.

However, to get back to today’s post, one of the number one mistakes I see new Instagrammers making is not using many hashtags…or any at all.

My Favorite Hashtags

So today I thought I would share my favorite hashtags for small business that help me connect with my lovely followers on Instagram. Of course, when using hashtags the key is to make sure they are relevant to both your business and your audience.

And I mean specifically relevant. #fashion isn’t going to cut it here my friends. We’re talking seriously specific. So, some of these hashtags might not be for and/or your business OR they could be just the thing you are looking for!

My Favorite Hashtags For Small Business

So let’s get into it….


I totally love this hashtag because it’s like joining in a never-ending Instagram challenge. Different prompts are put up every day which you can join in with. It’s run by the lovely Stephanie Gilbert who will re-gram photos that are tagged with the hashtag and are relevant to the day’s prompt.

Of course, you can tag your photos with this hashtag even if they are not relevant and you’re bound to get likes and some traffic through from other users of the tag. However, if you are going for the re-gram, make sure to post up something that is relevant to the tag of the day.



Another one for finding friends in the online business scene. Run by the lovely Melyssa Griffin (super top business blogger – formerly The Nectar Collective and totally worth checking out) this hashtag is for all hustlers working away at their own business. So, if your target audience is other, small business owners then this one is definitely worth tapping into.


So this hashtags is definitely one of my personal favorites.  If you are posting anything creative, cute and/or unicorn related then this hashtag is for you. It is run by the team at Bourbon and Goose and is filled with all the colorful posts on Instagram.

PS: The team also run #happyhourclub with a super fun meet up for creatives living in the LA area. This is a great opportunity to go and meet some business friends in real life, if you happen to be living in L.A (lucky you!).



How To Grow Your Instagram

Possibly one of my favorite stores ever, if you need a dose of fun then @shopbando is where it is at. Summer pictures, flamingos and bright colours….the account has all my favourite tags.

They’ve got a number of hashtags you can use but my favorite has got to be the’ to do list’. If you are the proud owner of a agenda you will know that they often give you fun weekend activities to go try. Best of all, they will re-gram if you shoot an appropriately colorful shot of fun. Tag them with #bandofun and say hello!



Owned and started by the Glitter Guide, as you might be able to tell from the tag, this is all about fun and fabulous things. Think feminine, gold and glitter.

I know of loads of Instagrammers that have had their photos liked by this account. Even some that have been re-grammed. So it’s definitely worth keeping this tag in your arsenal because the Glitter Guide has a huge audience that could be opened up to you.

In addition to the #flashesofdelight tag, they also offer the #GG5things. This tag is to do with a regular blog post on the site which gives suggestions of things to try on the weekend. So, if you take part in these activities make sure to take a snap and share it to Instagram with this tag. Whilst there is less competition in this tag, as it is more specific, it does require a little more planning on your part.


‘Life is colorful’ is my favorite of the array of hashtags by the sister blogging team A Beautiful Mess. Life is colorful, as you might imagine, is for all photos that come alive with colour. You can combine this with their most recent hashtag #acolorstory, which is designed to showcase users who have created photos using ABM’s new app ‘A Color Story’.

The ABM account is primarily made up of re-grammed photos, so if you have a photo that really stands out you are in with a chance of getting shared over on the account. Competition is fairly fierce, given the size of the account but you have a sizable arsenal of hashtags to choose from:

#ABMcrafty #ABMautumn (spring and summer etc) #ABMhappymail and #MessyBox (If you have products from the ABM subscription box line) #ABMstyle  #abeautifulmess

#ccbossclub & #ahappyboss

Of course, we couldn’t write a post about hashtags without giving a little nod to Creative and Coffee’s own hashtag: #ccbossclub and #ahappyboss

ccbossclub is about all things boss, from work spaces to cute products, we loving seeing what you guys are up to. Plus if it’s awesome and pink, we always love to share the work of new business friends on the account!

ahappyboss was made especially to tie in with our 30 Days of Happiness campaign, which seeks to make the world of online entrepreneurship a happier place. If your aim is to make social media a place of happiness and inspiration, rather than comparison and misery – this is the tag for you.



Using hashtags can be a little overwhelming at first, but the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. Some, or maybe all, of these hashtags may not really apply to you, and that’s perfectly okay! Poke around, search for hashtags you’re interested in, and see if there are other accounts you can follow that will challenge you and help you grow your community. That is what Instagram is all about, right?

What are some of your go to hashtags? Have you found any that have significantly helped you grow your own community?